Apple Looking To Hire Experts To Help Create Fitness Products

Apple Hiring Fitness Physiologists, Sleep Experts On The Heels Of Recent iWatch Rumors

As quoted below from the ad, Apple is looking for people who not only are knowledgeable about cardiovascular fitness but can put that knowledge toward the design of products. Design and run user studies related to cardiovascular fitness & energy expenditure, including calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level measurement/tracking and other key physiological measurements. Candidate will be knowledgeable about the physiological effects being measured and how to avoid potential inaccuracy and experimental error due DOE flaws and/or reference monitor (i.e. metabolic cart, etc.) usage issues.
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Orangetheory Fitness to open in Garwood

So far, Apple has kept mum on all speculation regarding a potential iWatch or any upcoming changes to iOS 8. But Apple CEO Tim Cook did at least acknowledge that the wrist is interesting and natural in terms of the wearable category, but also that theres nothing really <a href=’’>p90X3 compelling already out there in the market to convince an average consumer who doesnt wear something on their wrist to invest in wearable tech. Ive argued in the past that the problem with current wearable tech is that none of it offers something you necessarily miss deeply when you forget it or it runs out of battery for a day; Apple may be trying to change that with all this focus on health-related hires, research and development. At this point, theres no question in my mind that Apple has wearable tech far along in the product pipeline.
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21 in Garwood. On Thursday, Feb. 20, a VIP party that includes special membership rates, giveaways, food and music will kick-off the Orangetheory Fitness 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge. The participant with the highest percent of weight loss will walk away with $2,500. Whether you participate in the challenge or join to experience the best 60-minute workout in the country, youll get toned, lose inches and gain energy, said Ellen Latham, fitness expert and creator of the Orangetheory Fitness workout.
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